There are a lot of good, well paying construction jobs in the Sacramento Area–jobs that lead to a career, jobs that will enable you to support your family, buy a house, a decent car, and have enough left over for some King’s tickets. But you don’t get jobs like these by just dropping off a resume or filling out an application. You have to get some training, and it’s got to be the right training. Anyone can teach you to dig a ditch or hammer a nail, but if that’s all you know, sooner or later you’ll end up with a sore back and a bunch of bills. The right kind of training is available right here in River City. It’s called Joint Apprentice Training because it’s jointly managed by union workers and their employers.

This book contains detailed information about Construction Apprentice Pathways in the Sacramento Area. What they are all about. What they pay. How to get in one. They are great deals for some people. Maybe you’re one of them. This book will help you find out.

Union Apprentice Programs are among the most successful and effective vocational training programs ever devised. They have been developed and fine-tuned for over a hundred years by a close collaboration between employers and their union workers. Here in Sacramento, apprentices and graduates of these programs built the bridges over the Sacramento River, Arco Arena, SMUD’s generation plants, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the high-tech facilities at Intel, Sacramento’s light rail system, and restored California’s historic State Capitol.


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