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Union Electricians install and maintain highly technical electrical systems in homes, businesses, and factories. Other work includes installation of lighting systems in buildings, as well as conduit in a ditch outside of those buildings. Electricians read blueprints, install wire and hardware like electrical panel boxes, receptacles, light switches, and electrical light fixtures or replace outdated fuse boxes. They use numerous hand tools, operate power tools, and use electric testing meters.

Length60 months
Benefits for ApprenticesMedical/Dental/Vision
Minimum age18
Education prerequisitesHigh School Diploma or equivalent, and completion of 1 year of high school algebra or 1 semester of college algebra with a grade of C or better. Not required for applicants who can document that they have worked a minimum of two-thousand (2000) hours specifically in the electrical construction industry for a C-10 licensed contractor, or who can document military experience within the last 5 years via a DD-214.
Physical requirementsMust be able to perform physical tasks and activities
related to trade which includes dig/work in trenches;
carry materials/tools; use hand/power tools; move heavy
electrical equipment; lift/position/fasten/ electrical
equipment; work at various heights from ladders/
scaffolds/suspension systems; crawl under fl oors and
work in attics; work indoors or out sometimes in
extremes of hot or cold, wet or dry weather; and install/
troubleshoot/repair motors, transformers, electrical
fixtures, and conduit.
Additional requirementsValid California Drivers License
Written or oral entry examsWritten
Subjects studied by ApprenticesElectrical Theory
Work Practices for Commercial &
Industrial Construction

Contact: Sacramento Area Electrical J.A.T.C. 2836 El Centro Road Sacramento, CA 95833 Chris Tillery, Training Director.

Applications: Apply online 24/7 at For help with applications; email, call (916) 646-6688, or visit the Training Center in person during business hours.

How do new apprentices get their first job? After completing an application, the applicant will be placed on the list to take the aptitude test. Upon receiving a passing score on the aptitude test, applicants will be placed on the list for oral interview. Applicants will be placed on a rank list based on their interview score. New apprentices are selected from the rank list as needed year-round based on industry need.

Additional information: Sacramento Electrical Training Center.