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Drywall finishers seal joints between plasterboard or other wallboards, mix sealing compound, press paper tape over joints to embed tape into compound and seal joints. They sand rough spots after compound dries, fill cracks and holes in walls and may apply texturing compound and primer to walls and ceilings preparatory to final finishing. They may countersink nails or screws below the surface of walls prior to applying sealing compound.

LengthNot Available
Benefits for ApprenticesMedical, dental and vision care for worker and
dependants after working 130 hours per month.
Vacation and pension available immediately.
Minimum age18
Education prerequisitesHigh School Graduate, GED or equivalent
Physical requirementsMust be able to perform physical tasks
and activities related to trade
Additional requirementsYou must bring the following
items the day of the exam
in order to apply for entry to the
program your current valid
California Drivers License and
your valid Social Security Card
Written or oral entry examsYes written and oral exam
Subjects studied by ApprenticesDrywall Finishing

Contact: The District Council 16 Journeyman & Apprentice Training 865 Stillwater, Unit 7 West Sacramento, CA 95605 Alex Beltran – Director of Training.

Applications: You must make an appointment in advance to be able to register for the program. Contact the administrative offices. You must bring the following items the day of the exam in order to apply for entry to the program your current valid California Drivers License and your valid Social Security Card

How do new apprentices get their first job? The applicant must seek his/her own employment from participating employers, after meeting the qualifications to enter an apprenticeship program

Additional information: The District Council 16 Journeyman & Apprentice Training.